2007 Gathering of The Clan MacMillan Society of Texas
June 12, 2007 in Austin, Texas

Chief George Gordon MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap visited Austin, Texas on 12 June 2007 to help launch the new Texas branch of Clan MacMillan International.

Over 40 MacMillans from around the state of Texas attended the Inaugural Gathering of The Clan MacMillan Society of Texas to give a big Texas welcome to Chief George.

David McMullen wore his kilt in true Scottish fashion, as did Chief George.

MacMillans from all around the state took part. They shared their family history and genealogy. In some instances, they met their distant cousins for the first time. They enjoyed Texas-style BBQ and listened to authentic Scottish music by The Silver Thistle Pipes & Drums.

An organizational meeting was held to draft and approve bylaws, elect officers, and plan future events for The Clan MacMillan Society of Texas. Progress was made in each area, but more work remains to be done!

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